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You guys have taken all of the, for lack of a better word, crap off my plate. So I do my homework on my end, record, send it out to Podetize, and then it's done, so I have freed up this time that I have now been able to monetize. I can now spend time onboarding, on appointments, and on the things I should be spending my time on, to grow my business.

Juliet Clark

Author & CEO
Winsome Media Group

Podetize has been one of the best companies I have worked with! The entire team is responsive, aable to support my scheduling needs and provide timely feedback. Podetize's services for podcasting have helped make an already successful channel even more impressive- publishing polished shows just seems too easy now that they're there whenever we need them.

Jen Du Plessis

Coach, International Speaker, Best Selling Author
Mortgage Lending Mastery

You continue to inspire me and I must say, everyone I’ve worked with on your team so far has been incredibly welcoming and supportive!

Alicia Butler Pierre

Speaker, Author, Podcaster, & Consultant.
Business Infrastructure Podcast

Because of the Podetize system, I've booked speaking gigs, more people are finding me, my SEO and Google ranking are way up. It's really a beautiful system.


Adam Markel

Speaker, Author, Business Mentor
The Conscious PIVOT

The best part about Podetize is that I just hand the work off to you guys and I have definitely noticed a huge increase in my website traffic, which is fantastic.

Dr. Diane Hamilton

Keynote Speaker, Author
Take the Lead Radio

When I decided to launch my podcast six years ago, the concept of editing the podcast and getting it out on all the platforms and creating transcripts was overwhelming. Luckily for me I found a great company called Podetize. They produce my podcast so I can do what I love best: interviewing!

John Livesay

Keynote Speaker, Sales Expert, Author
The Succesful Pitch

Podetize is really a 'Done For You' type of service. I'm busy, I don't want to take the time to learn themse new things that will take away from my mindfulness focus. With this, I don't have to. The process is super quick, super efficient, helping with SEO, and increasing my ability to be seen on Google, which is huge. And the blog aspect of this service is amazing.

Amanda Biccum

Speaker and Mindfulness Coach
Drive For Purpose

Everything post-production is through Podetize. I load them up (the episodes or recordings), I number them and that's that. The customer service is excellent, sometimes the team will reach out with questions or to confirm something, and then boom! It's out there.


Keith Baker

Author and Podcast Host
The Private Lender

I am super pleased with Podetize and its service, I have probably referred over a dozen people.



Mitch Russo

Coach, Writer, Business Genius
Your First Thousand Clients

I've really enjoyed my move over to Podetize from my past platform. Podetize really does everything for me. I just submit the episode and they edit it, transcribe it, insert tweetable quotes, and I love all that.

Timothy Bush

Owner of TLB Consulting
On The Shelf


It's not so much work as other mediums. With the service that you guys offer [Podetize] - doing the video transcriptions, blog posts, and keywork insertions - it really helps take a lot off my plate

Debra Graugnard

Best-selling Author, Speaker and Intuitive Spiritual Healing Practitioner

Nobody's perfect. We mess up the intro or the closing - but the reality of it is that we are all human and that's why we brought in Podetize. They edit and take care of the details, and we can focus on sharing what we know and bringing value.

Chris Seveney & Gail Greenberg

Good Deeds Note Investing

What I've found [with Podetize] is excellent. You are so professional and you're thinking about everything... I get answers on a professional level that I rarely experience elsewhere.

Aleah Ava

Author and Podcast Host
Addicted To Love

We're an on-the-go society. Here I am, working 40-hours a week but with Podetize, I can put together an episode after hours or over the weekend, when I can really be present. You know how many groups I've tried to join that meet every Wednesday across town? Podetize is allowing me to meet my listeners where they are. And they get to meet me where I am.

Corey Jahnke

Business Manager-Founder & CEO
Corey Jahnke International

Podetize has really made our jobs so much easier because we can handle what’s happening behind the microphone, and our Podetize team can handle what’s happening behind the scenes, and we really love that.

Sean Entin & Taylor Smith

Stroke-hacker & Bio-hacker
Adventures In Health

I love that I can come to my office and do a podcast show and I'm done. You guys [Podetize] are a full-production workshop. I send my request in to produce it, and I wait for the magic to happen. The best part is my audience loves it too.

Rodney Flowers

Author, Transformational Leader
The Game Changer Mentality

They have given me so much guidance and direction on how to keep moving forward. They even helped me understand all the technical components and different aspects of the equipment I needed. One step at a time, I followed their instructions, and before I knew it, I had produced a podcast.

Dr. Elizabeth S. Hoefer

Doctor of Chiropractic and Podcast Host
Get Your Head On Straight

Podetize allowed me, with already set up packages, to enter podcasting almost immediately. They already have the system in place, even though I am highly technical, I loved the publishing system to all of these different platfroms. Podetize was my easy button.

Stefanie LaHart

President and Founder
Boomtown Marketing

Work with Podetize…seriously. Find a platform that makes it easy for you to set up and deliver content. Systems create leverage.


Penny Zenker

International Speaker, Business Strategy Coach and Bestselling Author

I choose Podetize because I really feel that they understand how important this is to me and our company, and are willing to provide that level of service.


Dustin Mathews

Chief Education Officer

Now that I've found Podetize, and can hand over the editing, they do an excellent job making me look good. I just love the number of listens I am getting since working with Podetize. My listeners are up, 5 times more, because you guys know how to make Google love and list my show. My advertising revenue has also gone up, which isn't terrble either.

Mark S A Smith

Author and Podcast Host
Selling Disruption Show

I think I spent about a year and a half trying to figure out how to do it myself, and that was a terrible idea. It was more expensive than hiring someone. Within a few weeks, Podetize took care of EVERYTHING and got it launched.

John Levy

Author & Podcast Host

After trying on and off for a few months to do a lot of the technical stuff on my own, I realized it just wasn't my gig... and then I found Podetize and thought, 'Well this is a perfect fit," and that's what got me over the hurdle to finally do the podcast.

Nathan Shields, PT, ECS

Founder and Host
Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast

Podetize has been so great in making it easy for us to get out message out there. With the descriptions and the blog posts, it's just easy to get our episodes up, which has been really great.

Lisa Lentino

The Coaching Connector

Don't re-invent the wheel on your own. If this is your first podcast, use a consultant. you guys in LA [Podetize] are a massive help, you can take me so much further... I can't do for myself what you are doing for me.

Paul Noddings

Gault House – Sober Living Environment

I like what Podetize does in terms of editing, transcription, and photos. The service is very helpful and valuable. I used to do my own editing in the beginning, but I don't have the time to do it, so I like everything about the service.

Marco Santarelli

President & Founder
Norada Real Estate

Tom from Podetize convinced me that all I had to do was take the content I was already doing on zoom, send it over to them, and they would take care of the rest.

Scott Carson

Founder & CEO
We Close Notes

Podetize took so much off our plate, and I am not sure how well we would be doing if we did not have them as a part of our team.

Dan Mendilow & Sophie Kessner

Podcast Hosts
Mind Mastery & Manifestation

When we started looking at what Podetize could offer us, there were a few unique offerings we were definitely interested in trying out, so we made the switch, and we’ve really fallen into a nice rhythm and now we have an advanced queue.

Dan Kuschell

Business Growth Expert
Growth to Freedom

It took me about thirty episodes before I really started getting organized, you know, getting the hang of it. It was a blessing to find Podetize - now . I just dropbox the audio and video files from the interview and you guys take care of the rest.

Bob Roark

Executive Producer and Founder
Business Leaders Podcast

It's been great working with the Podetize team. They respond quickly, are friendly and enjoyable to work with. Without a doubt the podcast has helped our business. If you're spending time editing and publishing your own podcast, stop it. Get the Podetize team to help.

Michael Zipursky

Author & CEO
Consulting Success®

Podetize has made this an easier job than it ever would have been otherwise. You guys have just been so easy to work with.


Monika Proffitt

Speaker, Blockchain Advisor
New Trust Economy

Podetize has been amazing for us. The technical end of it, where everything is loaded and taken care of, that has really allowed us to focus our expectations on what we want to bring to our listeners.

Art Costello

Visionary Mindset Expert, Coach
Shower Epiphanies