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Rate & Review

Podcast Rate & Review

Unfortunately, Apple and Spotify don’t make it easy to rate or review your favorite podcasts, so here’s a quick guide.

Search for the podcast in your Apple Podcasts desktop or mobile app.
1. Click + Follow to subscribe if you haven’t already.
2. Scroll down to Ratings & Reviews.
3. Click 5 Stars to rate.

4. Click Write a Review to add your thoughts, then click Save.

Note: You can only rate/review the whole podcast, not individual episodes

1. Open the mobile app and search for the podcast.
2. +Follow the show if you haven’t already.
3. Listen to 30+ seconds of a few episodes.
4. Tap the Star Icon under the podcast description. (If you don’t see it, tap the 3 dots and choose Rate Show).
5. Drag your finger or tap 5 Stars to rate it.

Note: You can only rate podcasts on the mobile app; and you can’t leave a review, only star ratings.

YouTube doesn’t have a Rate or Review function, but you can Subscribe, Like, Share, and be sure to Comment!!

YouTube doesn’t have a Rate or Review function either, you can Save to Library and Share though.

Like many other podcast player apps, Amazon doesn’t have a Rate or Review function either, you can ♡ Follow and Share though.