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Start Broadcasting Your Message To The World

Podcast Episode

Brandcast Your Content Without All The Time & Effort

Many of our clients are relieved to find out we have such comprehensive Podcast Episode Post Production services. Brandcasters services include: audio and/or video editing; proofed verbal SEO transcription; a complete post loaded directly into your website scheduled for publication; graphics creation for social sharing & landing page header; all done in 10 days. While we do have courses and tutorials on how we do this, the times savings combined our deep knowledge and proven continually refined practices are unparalleled.

Podcast Hosting
+Ad Swapping

Fast and Full Service Syndication That Respects
Your IP

Podcast audio files must be hosted on a server that creates an RSS Feed and that can handle simultaneous requests for the files from around the world very quickly. As your show grows the request load becomes higher and the speed becomes more critical. There are many choices of podcast host but our Podetize platform is the only one integrated with the production services and is geared toward providing you the autonomy and authority over your show. Additionally, we are the only hosting service with dynamic ad mixing available to any podcaster so you can be in control of your ads or timely promotions from day one of your show.

Podcast Launching

Everything You Need To Get Your Podcast On The Air

Making sure your show is strategically set-up to achieve your marketing goals is as key to a successful podcast launch as recording a great show. Our launch services provide proven advice and tactics that have worked for launching hundreds of podcasts. From do-it-yourself training to done-for-you asset creation including cover art, intro and outro, and much more, we have strategy options to fit every budget.

Website Development
and Maintenance

Too Busy For Website Updates? Let Us Take Care Of It!

Over the years, we have developed and revamped poor performing web sites for many of our clients and provide services to build starter WordPress sites, speaker sites and of course podcast sites. As with all our services, our site development is geared towards making it authority building for you with traditional and verbal SEO. In 2018, we added web maintenance at the request of our clients so that we can maintain optimal site performance proactively and reactively. We monitor your site 24/7 and repair hacks and security breaches, as well as upgrade your pages to keep up with your publicity, new services, and ever-changing business brand.

BONUS: Coaching &
Support Services

More Than Just Podcast Support
We Support Your Content Goals

Success in podcasting relies on support that is not one-size-fits-all. That is why we are the only hosting company to provide LIVE weekly coaching and training to every client plus 24/7 email support, a client-only Facebook Group, and weekday call support so podcasters get the tech support, podcast advice, monetization strategy, and accountability community that is a right-fit for their podcast goals.