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Tom & Tracy Hazzard Co-Founders of Podetize.com

Ready to take the first step toward growing your podcasting business by becoming one of our 1st Certified Podcast Strategists? We are looking for existing or aspiring podcast coaches, managers, or producers that will be right-fit for our program.  Candidates that are committed to becoming valuable experts in the podcast coaching space – those that are willing  to invest in the acceleration of growth into a profitable and successful professional.

Our goal is to help you expand your opportunities for profitability, which will become your success vehicle for many years to come. We expect that those accepted will see a return on investment in excess of 300% within a year. Obviously, this depends on how much time and attention you dedicate to working on your program.

In order to qualify to become a Certified Podcast Strategist, we need to ask you a few detailed questions and assess your fit for our program. Please take your time with your answers in the application below, so we can get a good idea of where you are now, what you want most, and how we can work with you. We will let you know if you qualify to schedule an interview to discuss your future work with us.

We look forward to exploring the possibilities of working together to grow the podcast community and get more podcasters seen, heard, found, and rewarded.

Tracy Hazzard & Tom Hazzard
Co-Founders of Podetize.com

What is a PODETIZE® Certified Podcast Strategist?

A credible expert podcast professional with the skills, tools, and resources to build a successful and profitable podcast coaching business.

Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you had all of the following dialed in:

Pricing & Packaging that is marketable and profitable

A Client Management System that is not labor or time-intensive

Your own podcast as a proud flagship and Lead Generator

Deep Knowledge Training for assistants and staff that doesn’t rely on you

Resources and tools on tap to Continually Grow Your Expertise and still service clients

Process for assessing and finding Right-Fit Clients more likely to be successful

A Power Partnership that pays residual passive income while supporting your clients for you

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Certified Podcast Strategist Program Application

Use the form below to apply now to partner with Podetize and accelerate past being just another podcast coach to becoming an exclusive Profitable and Successful Podcast Strategist.