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Make Podcast Monetization

For All Actually Profitable


The Podetize® high-growth platform for producing and monetizing podcasts empowers ALL podcasters to host, grow, and monetize their shows by creating a win-win-win ecosystem for podcast monetization. 

We use our proprietary patent-pending SaaS(Software as a Service), CaaS (Creative-), and MaaS (Marketing-) technologies to help:

  • Podcasters be seen, heard, found, and monetized
  • Advertising brands yield a higher conversion rate and ROI
  • Listeners earn by doing what they want to do: listen & consume


Monthly Listeners


Shows Launched


Founder Success Rate on 25+ patents


Client Retention Rate


Lifetime Client Value

The Podetize® vision: >10x EBITDA and less than 3-year acquisition exit

The Podetize® plan: Significant expansion to position ourselves as a Google AdWords-style brand advertising marketplace for podcasts.  

The Podetize® strategy: Launch value-building technology that brings high value results to podcasters, to advertisers, to networks, and to listeners and consumers. Consolidate the active independent podcaster market through our success-based technology and through acquisition to leverage ultimate value in selling digital advertising space.

Podcasts can be really profitable when done properly. But the vast majority of podcasters are not able to effectively monetize their podcasts.

Companies like iHeartRadio & Spotify follow an archaic broadcast-based model, in which the vast majority of podcasts aren’t qualified to run ads because they don’t pass minimum downloads-per-episode averages. 

This leaves 2M+ podcasters unable to monetize, and hosting platforms seeking ways to offload unprofitable podcasts that suck up resources without generating revenue.

Brandcasters, Inc.


$7,500,000 – Valuation Cap

$100 –Minimum Investment

750% – Of Fund Goal

Crowd SAFE – Type of Security

Republic (OpenDeal Portal LLC, CRD #283874) hosted this Reg CF securities offering by Brandcasters, Inc. View the official SEC filing and all updates:

2021 Form C-Annual Report Filing

2021 Accountant Reviewed Financial Report


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The demand for engaging content is constantly growing as audiences move into a fully virtual space. Podcasts are flourishing, and many hosts are finding considerable success because audio is engaging without requiring undivided attention (like video). As bestselling author (and podcaster) Malcolm Gladwell said, “You think with your eyes, but you feel with your ears.” There is no better time to invest in the podcast industry.

In this show, podcast experts and strategists Tracy Hazzard and Tom Hazzard dissect the fundamentals of podcasting while examining new and noteworthy changes to the industry. With each episode, they unravel essential strategies for this industry and address your questions about valuing shows beyond the overhyped valuations from Spotify, Amazon, iHeart, and others. Plus, they will highlight business news and updates that demonstrate the direct impact on your active assets. And if you’re not invested in the space yet, they will help you understand why investing in podcasting with Podetize is the right fit for you.