Manifesting the woman through energy is Christy Whitman – transformational leader, celebrity coach, New York Times bestselling author, and CEO of Quantum Success Learning Academy and Quantum Success Coaching Academy. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we talk to Christy about how everything is an energetic vibration that we get to understand through the universal laws. She takes us through her process as she shares about the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, showing how we should move from limiting ourselves to knowing we are enough and that we women can have it all.

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The Universal Laws Of Quantum Success with Christy Whitman


Welcome to International Women’s Day. I’m so excited to feature international podcast women because we’re broadcasting to the world. We are international podcasters. I am so thrilled because we have quite a lot of women on our platform here at Podetize. I’m excited to bring to you many women in podcasting. The first one I’ve got is Christy Whitman. Welcome, Christy.

Thank you for having me.

Christy is phenomenal. She’s a transformational leader and a celebrity coach. She’s a New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All, which fits the theme. The theme is #BalanceforBetter according to the International Women’s Day organizers. We’re going to talk a little bit about that. She’s been on the Today show, featured in People and tons of things. She’s the Founder and CEO of Quantum Success Learning Academy and Quantum Success Coaching Academy and your podcasts are called Quantum Success. It’s a Law of Attraction program and certification program that you have as well in addition to the podcast. That seems a phenomenal and a great way to boost your success and your authority.

We’re all living by the Law of Attraction. I talk about not just the Law of Attraction, but there are seven essential laws. When we know about these laws, no matter what we’re wanting to create in our lives, no matter what goals or desires that we have, it makes it more elegant. It makes sense for us to know how our universe works and it’s like all of us understanding that gravity. It doesn’t matter who we are, if we’re a woman or a man, gravity works for us. It makes sense to not walk off the side of a mountain and go squat. It just makes sense. For the ladies, if you have your boobs are drooping a little bit, understand that gravity is at work there and you need an uplifter. All the ways that gravity affects us, it’s good to know about it. There are other essential laws that are important. The Law of Attraction is one of them. They’re working for us all the time, whether we know it or not and it makes sense. It’s as if knowing the rules of the game or having that perfect recipe to go make that cake that we want to make.

Christy, we haven’t gotten to know each other. I know you’re one of our podcasters and I know you work in my group all the time, but I haven’t gotten to get to know you. That’s why I was excited about this because it gives me a chance to have a chat with you. You have some incredible background. What got you started in this? What set you off on this path?

I was a seeker. I had accomplished a lot at a very young age and I was told like most people, “If you go make money, if you go get a college degree, if you have money in the bank or you do this or you do that. You find the guy and get married,” and all these things. I thought those things were supposed to make me happy. I achieved all those things. I created all those things and I still didn’t feel fulfilled. There was something deep within me that was seeking.

There are so many people who are seeking. How did that lead you into the program that you’re doing called Quantum Success? I want to point out to those of you aspiring podcasters out there that it’s an interesting choice that people make when they choose a title. You’ve chosen a title that attracts the right type of people. When you say the word quantum, you’re seeking someone who has some sense of science and some sense of looking at energy and looking at the world. You’re already setting them up to be attracted to you. You’ve done that in your name and it’s a smart way to qualify your audience and to get them to qualify themselves before they join in.

I talk about Universal Laws and I have to talk about energy because everything is energy. We know that now by Quantum Physics and modern science that everything is energy. That includes our thoughts, our beliefs and everything that we want from a husband to career success to whatever it is. Everything is an energetic vibration. It’s important and not only I talk about success but quantum success. Having it even exponential, having it be a success that’s not limited. That’s not coming from a place of lack or competition or scarcity in any way.

Quantum Success: What you’re sending out is coming back to you.


I’m so interested in how you take people through your process. You’re certifying coaches, but you’re also taking them through that process yourself. How does that work with you?

They have to not only understand that there are Universal Laws, but we teach them about what these Universal Laws are. One of the most important laws is the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. Most people think in lack and limitation because that’s how most people were raised, “I’m not enough. We don’t have enough. There are not enough promotions. There are not enough clients. You have to go fight for your share.” A lot of people are in a perspective of limitation in their lives. When you’re vibrating in that place, when you’re thinking and feeling that way, you’re going to attract more of the same because the Law of Attraction is just a mirror reflection. It’s a boomerang. What you’re sending out is coming back to you.

We are individually all energy towers sending out signals all day, every day by what we say, what we do, our thoughts, our emotions, our perspective and our beliefs. All these are energetic sparks that go out into the universe and the Law of Attraction brings it back. That’s what we then see as evidence of our situations, circumstances, relationships, money and lack of money, clients, lack of clients, success and lack of success. It all shows up. We’re either repelling things from us or attracting things to us based on the energy that we give out. It’s important to understand that conceptually and then be able to do processes that have you living into that because it’s in the application where things in your outer world do change.

I’ve been studying up on a lot of different books and different energy. You’ve written a book called Quantum Success. It’s the same name as your show, which is great. We can find that easily. What led you to write the book? Was it just a business decision? I asked that because so many people think, “I should do the book first or the podcast first.” They’re thinking about how they want to do it. I’d love your advice there.

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I now have five books that I’ve written. All of them come through as a download and I have two more books that just came through. I was on a cruise ship at 3:00 in the morning and I got woken up by that voice and I heard, “Grab your pen and paper.” I couldn’t find any place to sit down because my family was all sleeping. I went into the bathroom and put my pen to paper and then my arm becomes not my own. Consciousness comes through my arm. That’s how I started becoming a coach and becoming a speaker and a healer and an author.

Years ago, my first book came through me called Perfect Pictures. I got woken up at 1:05 in the morning for seven nights in a row and got up and started writing. This was no different. I had been through this rodeo before through The Art of Having It All and through some of my other books. I don’t just go, “I’m going to write a book. This is a good book idea.” The other two books that haven’t even been published yet work as a complete download in the same way. That’s how I write all my books. This book, Quantum Success, is a reflection of what I teach. I talk about the Seven Essential Laws in this book as it relates to work and money although you can apply the principles in all aspects. The Art of Having It All talks about all the Universal Laws because it’s the core of how I live my life. It’s the core of how I apply what I do in my life and I share my knowledge.

Let’s talk a little bit about The Art of Having It All because the theme is #BalanceforBetter. Can we have it all? Can us women have it all?

I fully believe it. I wrote the book because I had a woman in the press. She was a freelance writer for New York magazine. I went to go pitch her in my other book, Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She said to me, “Women can’t have it all.” She goes, “Do you know anybody that can have it all?” I said, “Yeah, many women.” It’s the assumption that we all want the same thing. My idea of having it all is not the same idea of yours or anybody else that is reading this. We all have the ability to create what we want in all aspects of our life. That’s having it all. I will say, “We can have it all but we can’t do it all.”

That’s why I added an extra hashtag to our day, which is #LifeInHarmony. I truly believe that I can have it all because I have a team. I have a supportive husband and a supportive daughter. They both work in our business with us. We’re a team together. If we can’t live in this harmony of someone is going to take the high notes and someone is going to take the low notes, we’re all going to work like that and take our turns and assist, then it’s a whole lot harder to stand and balance by yourself.

Quantum Success: 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful, and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money

You can’t do it all yourself. You need support. Someone once told me that an image of a woman in life is like one of those performers at a circus where they’re spinning the plates. They got the plates on the stick and they have to spin all the plates. If they start slowing down, they start wobbling and they crashed. Having it all for one woman might be being a stay-at-home mom and running the household. That’s having it all for her. For me, I have to have a place to have my creative expression in my business. Yet, I love my husband and I love doing date nights with him. I love my kids and I love going to their soccer games and cuddling with them and spending time with them. I have friends. My life is very full. It feels that I’m constantly spinning all these different places to keep all of it going. You just have to know where to inject your energy into it. I am wise enough to know that the things that matter to me are the things that I put my energy into. Things like laundry and going through mail and building websites and putting a podcast together and all that kind of stuff, there are other people that can support me in doing that.

I just want to mention that it’s my cleaning morning. I have people who come in. I have this wonderful two women, Anna and Cynthia, and they’ve been with us for years. I couldn’t do it without them. I learned that early on because Tom and I had been married for several years. We learned early on that we were going to kill each other if laundry and dishes, all of this has to be done on this specific time. We all crashed out at vacuuming and toilets and we said, “That’s it. That’s not our job.” Learning that early is a good thing.

You were talking about your husband and your kids. They’re a priority and they’re important. If we don’t pour their energy into it, they feel that. They know when they don’t have your full attention. That’s where it’s important. My nine-year-old is homesick. She vomited at school according to them. She hasn’t been sick once since she’s been home. I can’t tell the difference between the sick daughter and the healthy one. She’s bored to tears already. She knows that she doesn’t have my attention because this day is important. She gets that and she understands that that’s what’s required of her. She’s in my system. She’s in my energy circle. You get that and you have that same model. You’re so right about having it all. It’s our decision and it’s our choices. Is there a big difference between the men and the women you coach?

I coach more women. Mostly, women are more open to the type of coaching that I do because I work with energy. They’re more open. There are a lot of men though that are becoming more and more open to it. It’s usually a woman that I do coach unless she brings her husband along in which my husband and I do couples work together. Women seem to be a lot more open. I don’t want to be too stereotypical because the men that are open to it are also very open. Women can go faster and quicker. They’re easier to direct and I enjoy working with women a lot.

Is there anything else you want to share with us about #BalanceforBetter or International Women’s Day or your podcast? We’d love to know a little bit about what we get on your show.

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The last thing I want to say is about having it all. It’s not about doing it all. In each moment, we have the potential to have it all because we get ourselves connected to the truth of who we are. When we’re connected to that part of us that’s breathing us, that is having it all. It’s not even about the things outside of ourselves. It’s being connected to our preferences and the flow of energy and just feeling good inside our own bodies. Quantum Success is there to inform and inspire people to learn how to apply the Universal Laws we are living by the divine design of our lives to be successful, to have abundance, to have perfect health, to have right relationships. Be able to apply it so that you can create that in your life.

Thank you so much, Christy, for being with us. You can find Christy Whitman Quantum Success podcast everywhere on iTunes and Stitcher. It’s all out there all over the place. What’s your website so we can get them to it?

It’s pretty easy,

Thank you so much. Happy International Women’s Day.

Thank you so much, Tracy.

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About Christy Whitman

Hi. My name is Christy Whitman, and I believe in creating relationships that are built on trust in every area of my life. I manifested and am now married to my soulmate, Frederic, who I am passionately in love with after eleven years of marriage, and two children. My relationship with Frederic brings me incredible joy – the kind of joy that I wish for you. I’m the mother of two amazing boys, ages eight and nine, who I connect with, talk with, laugh with and roll around on the floor with every day. Do you take time to be a child, too?

I work out regularly, get massages, take fantastic vacations, and have plenty of “me” time to dream, to go out with friends, or just kick back and do nothing. Are you making “me” time for yourself? Would you like to create more of it? We all have busy lives, households to run, and many of us work full time. What if there was a way to enjoy all that you’ve created? What if you could truly have it all – including the time to feel, appreciate and savor your life as it unfolds?

As a two-time New York Times best-selling author, the creator of a library of personal development programs and the founder of an internationally acclaimed coaching academy, my message reaches over 200,000 people every month. My “job” is to transform the quality of people’s lives by teaching them tools to manifest their hearts’ desires. It’s a purpose that lights me up and nourishes me deeply. I’m also making more money than I ever dreamed possible – and would love to share with you exactly how I got here, especially considering that this was not always the case.

Just in case you’re wondering, none of what I’ve created came about by accident, and I believe the same or more is possible for you, regardless of your current circumstances. I’ve lived through a divorce, my sister’s suicide, and the month-long hospitalization and open heart surgery that saved my newborn son’s life. Before I understood how to apply the laws of deliberate creation, I was unhappy in virtually every aspect of my life: I was thirty pounds overweight and nearly $60,000 in debt. I worked at a job I hated and had a knack for attracting the “wrong” kind of men. I tried everything I could think of to improve myself and my life, falsely believing that changing my external circumstances would help me to feel happy inside. Nothing worked. My life felt like a constant, uphill struggle.

So, how did I get from where I was then to where I am now – and more importantly, how does that apply to you? Quite simply, I learned that the universe is made up entirely of energy, and I learned how to work with my own energy field in order to magnetize into my life everything I had ever wanted – and I so want to teach you how to do this, too! Right now, you have within you the ability to attract your ideal partner, create your ideal body, become a more empowered parent to your children, and magnetize success and abundance in every aspect of your life. I am committed to building trust together so that we can connect more deeply and I can serve you more.

When we work together, I will consistently provide you with transformational tools that you can count on, because I know from my own personal experience that they really work. I will do what I say and say what I do, as I believe that I must deliver on my promises always. I will show up for you – powerfully and authentically – and will share my knowledge and expertise in a way that you will feel, relate to, and be empowered to make immediate use of in your own life.

You can count on me to be real, authentic and transparent, and to be honest about my mistakes and shortcomings. I’ll share with you about the obstacles I’ve faced in my own life and what I have done and continue to do to transform them. In my books, seminars, coaching programs, videos and weekly newsletters, I will show you how to manifest whatever it is you desire – not by teaching you theories, but by sharing true-to-life turnaround moments that marked my own transformation and the transformations of all those I have worked with.

I invite you to accept my invitation toward greater self-discovery, mastery, and personal empowerment. I guarantee you will become amazed by yourself, inspired by all that you can be, do and create, and fall madly in love with yourself and your life!


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