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Buzz Builder Tip: Ego Bait

The Step-By-Step Formula To Build Instant
Influence & Get Others To Promote You


Supercharge Your Organic Online Promotion And Backlinks FAST

Imagine amplifying your authority building exposure, gaining instant influence,
without doing more work.

Using OPA (Other People’s Audience) is a powerful part of growing your authority platform. So you interview great guests on your podcast, give shoutouts to clients and partners in Livestreams, and post feature articles mentioning brands and entrepreneurs every week. Do they even know about it? Do you have the time to send them an email to alert them or remind them to share? Do they actually share? I had the same problem and the bigger the celebrity guest, the worst they were at sharing. So I developed a system we call Ego Bait that makes it so they can’t wait to share because it’s all about them!

Once we found and automated the formula, everything changed.

Draft Off Influencers And Get Them To Share & Promote You

The code for our Ego Bait Buzz Builder has never before been offered to anyone except clients. But because you are obviously interested in a more impactful marketing, we are giving you instant access.


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