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Ready to Set Yourself Apart in This Crowded Market of Me-Too Podcast Coaches?


Tracy Hazzard Co-Founder of Podetize.com

Congratulations on taking the first step and applying to become one of the very first Podetize Certified Strategists. As I mentioned in the presentation, we are carefully screening everyone who applies to ensure they are a right-fit for our program and that we are a right-fit for you.

This is a Pilot Program and only 6 people will be admitted. As you may know, a Pilot Program is not yet “perfect” but those who are involved get far more attention and assistance than any future class – specifically with extra opportunities to work more closely with both Tom and me.

We have set up a scholarship fund for those entering the Pilot Program, which means you may get a discount (if you qualify) that will never be available again.

Our goal is to help you expand your opportunities for profitability as a podcast coach, which will become your success vehicle for many years to come. We expect that your return on your investment will be in excess of 300% in your first year.

Obviously, this depends on how much time and attention you dedicate to working on your program.

In order to qualify to become a Certified Podcast Strategist, we need to ask you a few detailed questions and assess your fit for our program. Please take your time with your answers, so we can get a good idea of where you are now, what you want most, and how we can work with you.

Within 72 hours of receiving your reply, we will let you know if you qualify and schedule an interview date and time to discuss your future work with us.

Just to set expectations, this is a major decision you are about to make. You are dedicating yourself to accelerated business and professional growth. And, we are committed to providing you with the training, the support and, yes – even the proven systems and staff expansion that will accelerate your business without hundreds of thousands spent on capital and resource investment.

I am sure you have lots of questions as well, which is why we will set up that essential interview after reviewing and accepting your assessment.

I look forward to exploring the possibilities of working together to grow the podcast community and get more podcasters seen, heard, found, and rewarded.

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