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REINVENTING PODCASTING with an obsessive focus on you, the podcast host.
We build simple, easy-to-use solutions to help you and your brand look and sound like pros, get rewarded for original content creation, and retain and monetize your valuable
intellectual property and platform authority.
We ensure that you are
in a noisy digital world and able to do what you do best — edu-tain an engaged audience.





As an Inc. Innovation Columnist, Expert Product Designer, Tracy has worked with leading brands like Herman Miller, and Martha Stewart Living among others throughout her career. Her rich professional experience has given her the expertise and genuine pulse to know what clients want and how brands can promote with purpose.

Tracy delights in the privilege of being able to talk about things she is passionate about, and deeply appreciates the exchange of viewpoints during interviews with interesting people on the podcasts she co-hosts (Product Launch HazzardsWTFFF?! 3D Printing, and Feed Your Brand) with her husband and business partner, Tom, and her other shows, The New Trust Economy and The Binge Factor – a publicity podcast for podcasters.


On top of being at the height of her career, she is mom to three girls, and is a voracious reader with a current all-time record of finishing 300 books in one year.


You can read Tracy’s Inc. Column here and read her interviews with top podcasters in Authority Magazine here.




Award-winning strategic product design & development expert, Tom Hazzard, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with great sales conversion skills. In addition to co-hosting the Forbes-featured fast growth WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast and the Feed Your Brand Podcast, he successfully launched over 250 consumer products raking in over $2 Billion at e-commerce and mass-market retailers with his wife and business partner, Tracy.


He believes that the goal of any product, service, marketing or business launch is to make “it” sell itself, that is why he often talks about streamlining business processes to keep marketing expenses at a minimum. Tom loves being in podcasting because he gets to meet people from many varied industries, and because he gets to broaden his perspective from all the widely different areas of interests he encounters at work.


Tom loves to work on his 1972 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, a car that was handed down to him by his Grandmother.




Eric Christopher, famously known as ERock, is an innovative investor and respected business advisor. As the founder and CEO of BizFamousTM Media Group, he’s advised a wide range of enterprises, including local business owners, national franchise chains, and world-renowned brands, including Shark Tank companies and a Shark Tank investor.




Our Chief Operations Officer, Alexandra, is extremely productive every day with her systems mind and inherent resourcefulness. She liaises with clients, as well as sets-up and maintains our internal systems to make sure things run smoothly in our operations across the board.She enjoys seeing (and listening to) all the different podcasts we have in our roster, taking each unique discussion as a learning opportunity. Alexandra takes pleasure in creating efficient systems for our internal team and in making things easier for our clients to help their respective brands grow.


Alexandra became an assistant pastry chef at a bakery before working full-time at Brandcasters. Her favorite thing to make is banana creme pie, and she bakes and decorates all the family birthday cakes!




As a social media advisor, Whitney has supported small business owners and creatives since 2010. Her personal experience as an online content creator and podcaster developed her expertise. A Podetize client herself with This Might Get Uncomfortable, she knows first hand what it takes to launch successfully and draw in listeners from social media.


Passionate about combining forward-thinking strategy with authenticity, Whitney guides clients on promoting themselves from the heart. Research is one of her top skills; her days ends with reading a non-fiction book until she falls asleep.


Whitney lives in Los Angeles and her favorite social media platforms right now are TikTok and Clubhouse.




The Podcast Success Coordinator at Podetize, Christina Paxton loves helping others find and create their voice. Prior to joining the full-service podcast production company, Christina was a stay-at-home mom of three boys for six years. She went to school at the Art Institute and majored in Photography and Graphic Design.


Currently living in Arizona with her three boys, Christina absolutely loves spending time at the lake. When she’s not busy reaching out to clients, you can find her paddleboarding and kayaking or enjoying her mac and cheese. She claims she has no hidden or crazy talent, but she has a heart of gold and runs a softball league with her best friend for military spouses and active duty women at the Luke Air Force Base.


Christina is launching her own podcast soon. She has deep insights on raising kids – especially three young boys! – and being a single parent in today’s world, so better watch out for that!




As Podcast Success Coordinator at Podetize, Melissa believes that a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet and a problem is just an opportunity for improvement. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, professional singer/songwriter, sound healer, and tarot enthusiast. A consummate student, she is always interested in learning new disciplines and applying them to all aspects of her work and life. Prior to joining Podetize, Melissa worked as a client services specialist for 20+ years. She currently lives in Rhode Island with her son that she adores. She enjoys reading and her favorite books are in self-help and spirituality.




Our Training Manager, Gell Bagano, is a results-oriented individual fueled by her innate drive to lead her team to success.


She started as a transcriber for Brandcasters, Inc. back in 2016, and quickly proved that she can tackle any challenge thrown her way. As the first Production Manager for the company, every employee has trained under her in some way or another. She has been at almost every entry level position in the company at some point, and so she now passes on her expertise to others. And in her current position as Training Manager, she focuses on making sure every employee she trains learn to perform at their best.


Gell is the fur mom to six lovable dogs. For leisure: a good book, a cup of coffee, and a candle lit are more than enough. As the pioneer employee at Brandcasters, Inc., her greatest achievement is the success of those who have trained under her.




The Podcast Production Manager at Podetize, Marge GB Marata is a go-getter, loves challenges, and has been nothing but exceptional in her line of work. She started with the company as a Graphics Designer, climbed up to becoming the Team Manager for the Graphics and Video Team, and got promoted to her current position earlier this year.


Marge graduated from a prestigious state university in the Philippines and started her career in a pharmaceutical company. To widen her strand, she then continued her career in an activated carbon company, further sharpening and strengthening her leadership, management, and camaraderie skills.


Being very flexible, Marge lives an excellent work-life balance. She juggles her love of work with her passion for traveling (pre-COVID!). When not working or exploring some nook somewhere in the world, you can find her buried in her Kindle, singing, playing the guitar, or snacking on a potato.


Marge shines not just in her job or personal life but also in charity work as a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, one of the largest fraternal organizations for men and women in the world.




The Human Resource Manager at Podetize, Genie Dumar’s soft and gentle exterior is backed with years of experience in the HR space.


After graduating with a BS degree in Psychology from Saint Louis University, Baguio, Genie worked as a Human Resource Assistant in a retail company in Manila. She later on went back to Baguio to work as a Human Resource Officer in a telecommunication company.


In 2019, she joined the podcast production company, where she was able to broaden her knowledge about podcasting.


As the HR Supervisor, Genie handles different facets but enjoys the recruitment and selection process the best where she gets to interact with people from all walks of life.


In her years of practicing Human Resource Management, she’s learned that the people with positive attitudes and skills are the ones who are more successful.




Meet Kim Barrazona, the Corporate Websites Manager and Web Team Manager at Podetize. Joining the podcast production company in 2016, Kim started as a transcriber. She quickly rose up the ranks, even being a member of both web and blog team at the same time. Not stopping there, her skills led her to be the Team Leader for both team, still at the same time.


Initially taking up Nursing in college, Kim’s passion for computers and technology eventually took over. She switched to BS in Information Technology, Major in Software Design where she joined multiple programming and web design competitions sponsored by different Universities like Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.


Kim’s enthusiasm for computers and technology is matched with her love of dogs and sports like table tennis, badminton, and basketball.




The Executive Support Supervisor at Podetize, Paula Barrazona was 18 when she joined the full-service podcast production company. A pretty face with a soft heart, her favorite thing about her job is being able to help clients and teammates.


A bubbly but conscientious person, Paula juggles work, school (she’s currently in her sophomore year in college taking her BS in Tourism Management), and her passion projects (leveling up her makeup skills, doing TikTok videos, playing PC games (namely Valorant and Minecraft, and singing) with ease.


The fourth of five siblings, Paula lives with her grandmother, along with one of her brothers.


Paula also started streaming on Twitch! One thing she’s looking forward to is learning how to drive, which we’re sure she won’t have a problem mastering.


At Podetize, we pride ourselves on the power of our large worldwide team. They are trained specifically in what makes the best listener and host experience. Their job as the post-production engine of our clients is to make them look and sound their best. Our team members are continually growing as we grow, researching and testing the model of what works and what doesn’t, and training to become deep experts in their area of expertise, podcasting, and the industry.

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